Wicomico Co. Council fires back in response to letter demanding president step down

WICOMICO CO., Md. – The Wicomico County Council has responded to the letter demanding Council President John Cannon step down from his position.

On Wednesday, a three page letter from County Executive Bob Culver to Council President John Cannon was released, accusing Cannon of misconduct and wrong-doing. In that letter, Culver requested that Cannon “step down and allow another member to step into the role to better accomplish the business and goals of Wicomico County citizens.”

But on Thursday, Council members fired back, referring to Culver’s letter as “completely inappropriate” and saying “there will be no change in county council leadership”.

The letter from the council also states that Culver’s letter “shows a stunning ignorance of how county government works and a profound disrespect for the charter that Wicomico County voters have approved”.

The original story that we reported on Wednesday can be found here

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