Wico. Executive calls for Wico. President to step down; community reacts

SALISBURY, Md. – A demand for the council president to step down. That’s what Wicomico County Executive Bob Culver is asking for in a letter written to Council President John Cannon.

A three-page letter that outlines several issues the Executive is allegedly having with Cannon, issues that Cannon believes don’t require him to step down.

“I couldn’t think of any reason for resigning whatsoever especially at the request of the executive branch. I would think that would be absurd,” says Cannon.

In the letter, Culver claims the Council president has essentially been highly uncooperative when it comes to projects like the Poplar Hill Pre-Release facility plans.

He also claims that Cannon violated the council’s charter, involving a Board of Elections audit and other matters. But the council president tells 47 ABC he didn’t initiate or authorize that audit and that these accusations are completely unfounded.

Culver says he never intended for this matter to be played out in public, but once the letter was leaked publicly he felt he had to address it.

A feud that people we spoke to say they hope can be resolved.

Mat Hall says, “We get enough of it everyday nationally and for it to come down locally, grow up. Get along start talking to each other, work it out.”

“Whatever it is that they’re arguing about, actually talk about it like adults and not I’m going to take my ball and go away. That’s ridiculous asking people to resign and all, that’s nonsense,” explains Eddie Gonzalez.

It’s something that Culver says can only be done only if changes are made.

“What needs to be done is they need to stay in their lane we will stay in our lane as far as the executive powers of the charter and what we have to do and what they have to do,” explains Culver.

Cannon says he also believes both can move past this saying “I think we can easily move forward. I’m not concerned about what the personal relationship might be. I’m more worried about the county business.”

Now Culver tell us if these so-called violations continue he will bring them in front of the Ethics Commission, but again Cannon says he’s done no wrong.

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