Volunteers mismatch socks for Down Syndrome awareness in Delaware

GEORGETOWN, Del. – It was a mismatching sock frenzy at Sussex Tech where students, teachers and families did their part to get ready for World Down Syndrome Day.

“It’s humbling and it’s heart warming to see what people do on their Saturday,” said volunteer Scott Windsor.

On Saturday volunteers of all ages put their best feet forward mix-matching socks in Sussex Technical High School’s cafeteria, and it was all for an important cause.

“We’re here to celebrate embrace and raise awareness and celebrate everything great about Down syndrome,” said Vanessa Cannon.

She’s a mother to a child with Down syndrome.

When her daughter Avery was diagnosed at birth, she wanted to learn as much as she could about the disorder.

She eventually became an advocate for spreading awareness in Sussex County.

Last year, Vanessa says she had a turnout of only four tables. This year, the entire Sussex Tech cafeteria was filled with volunteers.

We’re told over 17,000 socks will go to schools and businesses in Sussex County after Saturday’s party.

Sussex Tech teacher and a volunteer Scott Windsor said, “It’s awesome to see the community come together. It’s not just students at Sussex Tech here. There are a lot students from other schools that are here which is amazing.”

Vanessa said, “From a Mom’s perspective, I almost want to cry. I am so overjoyed with the response from the community.”

Vanessa tells 47 ABC events like this organized by the Down Syndrome Association of Delaware not only help to end the stigma surrounding down syndrome, but create unique networking opportunities between the general public and individuals diagnosed with having three copies of chromosome 21, or also known as Trisomy 21.

Vanessa said, “3-2-1 signifies the third copy of the 21st chromosome in which every one with Down Syndrome is born.”

‘Rock your Socks Day’ or better known as World Down Syndrome day is Thursday March 21st this year.

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