Sen. Carozza introduces bill to increase penalties on criminal negligent driving

ANNAPOLIS, Md. – In Annapolis, local lawmakers are pushing for a piece of legislation that would increase the penalties on criminally negligent driving. Senator Mary Beth Carozza introduced the bill after hearing the story of Wade Pusey, a Worcester county resident,who along with his coworker was struck by a negligent driver back in 2016. Instead of just facing a $500 fine if convicted of negligent driving, the legislation would increase that penalty to a fine of $5,000.You could also face up to 18 months in prison. Carozza says this bill is critical to making sure the roads stay safe for every Marylander and their family.

“The purpose here is it’s all about safety it’s all about saving lives and when somebody does undergo a horrific injury that there is it just that there is a just penalty for that,” said Carozza.

Carozza adds that the bill was heard in both the the senate and house judicial proceedings committee on Tuesday and Wednesday. And it’s expected to get a vote within the coming weeks.


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