Ocean City PD sees decrease in crime with their 2018 annual report

OCEAN CITY, Md. – Ocean City sees an influx of visitors every single year, but with more people, could come more crime.

Jessica Waters, the Communications Manager for OC says, “We have about 8 million visitors per year so we have a lot of people that come into ocean city and what’s really makes us unique so our population changes so week to week have different people that visit here.”

Despite more visitors trickling in every summer, the Ocean City Police Department has actually been able to reduce the amount of crime. They released their 2018 annual report that highlights historic lows.

OCPD Deputy Communications Manager Lindsay Richard tells us, “We saw a 22% decrease in serious crime that’s your rape robberies and things like that, and last year we saw 14% in those numbers.” Diving more into the report, it shows that there was a 40 percent decrease in rape and a 36 percent decrease in robberies. Plus, citizen-initiated calls for service decreased by over 1,300. They believe this shows that officers have been proactive and addressed issues before citizens even took action.

“We’re using our public safety aids more effectively, they’re civilians so they’re not police officers but they’re really out there and visible in their uniform,” Richard adds. And it’s their innovative tools that have also been effective, like their license plate reader, for wanted suspects or stolen vehicles.

But it’s their involvement with the community that could really be showing that they want to form a bond. “They offer coffee with cops, cones with cops, we have special performances for our international students who don’t always have a great relationship with law enforcement, so they find ways to connect with children from other countries where they don’t usually exist,” Waters says.

Despite historic lows, the police department wants to continue to make the numbers fall and they think they can do that through community engagement.

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