Monster truck show offers more than just an adrenaline rush

SALISBURY, Md. – The Wicomico County Youth & Civic Center has transformed into an adrenaline junkies ultimate playground. It’s now a massive dirt pit ready for monster trucks tear it up.

“This is No Limits! Monster Trucks.”

It’s name says it all. This show is limitless, complete with wheelies, flips, and high speed races.

“Once you put your helmet on it’s kind of over with. You’re ready to go,” explains Bill Braukmann of No Limits Monster Trucks.

It’s an event that’s loud, energetic and full of crazy stunts kids shouldn’t try at home. But getting the monster trucks ready for the crowd is no easy task.

“It generally takes us about two and a half hours to get the trucks prepared to actually race for the weekend. We have to put all the tires on it, take all the little tires off. You have to make sure the shocks are set properly everything is tight and ready to actually race,” explains monster truck driver Jessica Braukmann.

Her father, Bill, adds, “These trucks that everybody sees that are together they don’t come that way.”

It takes a village and truckloads of sand, but it’s all worth it once the fans take their seats.

Braukmann adds, “Of course you get scared. It’s a big machine that you’re flying through the air but as soon as you get in it and you get the one hit out the way, everything goes away.”

It’s easy to get caught up in all the energy of the event, that’s why they love what they do, but the drivers say its much more than just putting on a show.

“It’s something special because I always grew up in a male dominated world so it’s very hard for the females to try and fit in and get their name out there in something so ‘manly’ if you will. So it’s definitely very very cool to have little girls look up to you and say ‘oh I want to drive a monster truck one day.'”

So even though putting on an event like this Is a massive undertaking and quite the labor of love, we’re told they wouldn’t trade for the world.

There’s two shows on Saturday at 1 p.m. and 7 p.m. still have tickets available and you can find tickets at the Wicomico Civic Center website.

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