Locals react to proposed styrofoam ban in Maryland

MARYLAND – Some Democratic lawmakers have introduced a bill that would ban Styrofoam products across the State of Maryland.

We spoke to some Marylanders on Wednesday to hear what they think about the bill.

Tricia Weis, a Marylander who supports the bill said, “I think it’s a great idea to protect the environment, especially the wildlife not only in the ocean but everywhere really.”

Dan Woods, a Marylander who is undecided about the bill said, “I’m not sure a ban is the way to go but we do need to do something.”

Each year, Styrofoam ends up on Maryland’s streets, boardwalks and beaches

Woods said, “We clean up from 53rd Street to 56th Street with group called the Bearded Men’s Society. Usually we have like two or three trash bags full of debris and probably about one of them is just Styrofoam.”

Weis said, “In the summer time, you see it all the time.”

The problem is Styrofoam will never break down.

Weis said, “Styrofoam does not biodegrade, so it’s stuck with us for a long long time.”

Styrofoam does, however, break up into smaller pieces and often, our fish and wildlife consume it thinking it’s food.

Michael Hinkle, a Marylander who supports the bill said, “I think it’s a mess to the environment along with straws and we can clean them both up.”

That’s why some Democratic lawmakers introduced House Bill 109, in an attempt to ban Styrofoam products across the state.

While many think its a good idea, others like Representatives Carl Anderton and Wayne Robinson worry about the effect it could have on local businesses.

They say they would like to see a cost-comparable alternative to Styrofoam before passing the bill. Some say, however, there are already plenty of alternatives available.

Weis said, “Even paper would be a much better alternative because that’s a little more biodegradable and helpful to our environment.”

Until a decision is made regarding the bill, many will be taking matters into their own hands.

Woods said, “I am just going to continue cleaning up the beach.”

A committee hearing was held about the bill Wednesday.

It has yet to be presented to all the members of the House of Delegates.

If you have a strong opinion about this topic, you are urged to reach out to your local representatives to express your concerns or support.

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