Local animal shelter supports bill to make animal abusers pay for care

WICOMICO CO., Md. – A bill looking to protect our animals and hold their abusers accountable has been introduced in the Maryland Senate.

Senate Bill 152/House Bill 135 was sponsored by Senator Justin Ready, and was then cross-filed in the House by Delegate David Moon.

Under the proposed bill, if a court determined the seizure of an animal or animals was lawful, and the costs requested are reasonable, the abuser could be required to pay for the animals’ care as the legal process unfolds.

We’re told this bill would help relieve the financial burden on both animal control and animal shelters across the state while at the same time holding the owner accountable for their actions.

Kevin Usilton, the Interim Executive Director of the Humane Society of Wicomico County said, “Having this bill entered in means the owner will still pay the same amount of money that they paid when they cared for the animal supposedly and that helps offset the cost to the shelter.”

The bill has not yet been passed.

36 other states have similar laws already in place.

There is currently a petition online created by Maryland Votes for Animals Incorporated that you can sign if you support this bill.

You can find that petition here.

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