Foundation raises awareness about kidney disease on Delmarva

REHOBOTH BEACH, Del – People from across Delmarva gathered in Rehoboth Beach on Saturday to learn all about kidney disease and the various things that can cause it.

“On the peninsula, diabetes is on the rise as well as high blood pressure, and with those two things already we know that that leads to kidney disease,” said the National Kidney Foundation Associate Executive Director, Nicole Scharf.

“It’s tricky and you have to be careful,” said Scharf.

That is why medical staff performed all sorts of screening tests on Saturday.

“We take their blood pressure, we do a quick finger stick that tests their glucose and their creatine, those two numbers combined we then calculate the GFR and what the GFR is that tells us how well their kidneys are filtering,” said Scharf.

“My wife has a son that has a kidney problem, so she was concerned for herself, so we both came here and we did our screenings,” said Jay Schaeffer, a Rehoboth Beach resident.

The annual event not only provides free services, but lectures by health specialists as well.

“We attended a lecture on hernia and hernia surgery,” said John Mears, a Millsboro resident.

“I’m going to be going through that in a week and coincidentally my surgeon was the speaker, so it worked out well,” said Mears.

Some people said for them the event is not just about bringing awareness to kidney disease, but rather, it is about bringing awareness to the overall importance of leading a healthy lifestyle.

“Ill health can lead to other forms of ill health, depression, and ultimately it can lead to death, which most of us want to avoid for a while,” said Mears.

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