Federal employees in Maryland to receive unemployment benefits under new bill

ANNAPOLIS, Md. –  The state is looking to protect federal workers should the government shut down again.

Thursday, the General Assembly passed the Federal Shutdown Paycheck Protection Act, and it now heads for a judicial review before reaching the governor.

House Bill 336 says that any federal government civilian employee will be able to receive financial aid during times of political uncertainty, such as during a shutdown.

The legislation would mandate that the state Department of Labor Licensing, and Regulation provide unemployment benefits to employees working without paycheck.

Democratic Delegate Sheree Sample-Hughes of District 37A said, “Anyone regardless of party lines and regardless of geographic diversity of where he or she may reside will want to have some level of understanding of the support that is in place. It’s support that allows someone to be able to put food on his table and keep a roof over his head.”

47 ABC is told that once employees receive those benefits and can head back to work with paychecks reinstated, those employees would have to pay those benefits back to the state.

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