Abandoned boats up for auction, starting price $25

SUSSEX Co., Del. – If you’ve always wanted to spend your summers out on the water but you’ve never been able to afford a boat, now may be your chance!

13 abandoned boats at the Indian River Marina are up for auction online.

The price for one of these boats starts at just $25, but granted, these boats are fixer uppers since many of them haven’t been in the water for years.

Regardless, people we spoke to say, they don’t mind putting in the work for such a good deal.

Abdon Buckley, a local interested in buying a boat said, “I’ve been in [the Indian River Marina] and ooh-ed and ahh-ed and taken pictures of it and all the hundreds of boats in there and sent it home and tell the kids, ‘This is what I’m bringing home when I come’, but now that they’re 25 bucks, I’ll be right there.”

The online auction ends Thursday night at 7 p.m.

You can find a link to the auction here: usgovbid.com

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