Winter weather safety tips for pets

WORCESTER COUNTY, Md. – Local animal shelters are reminding the community to bring their pets indoors Sunday night and Monday morning.

According to the Worcester County Humane Society, it is crucial to keep furry friends indoors especially when temperatures drop below 30 degrees because this will help prevent them from getting things like hypothermia.

Also, it is important to protect their paws especially if there is salt out on the roads and sidewalks.

“Probably the biggest thing is taking care of their paws, things that they’ll be touching that’s frozen or salt on the sidewalks,” said Heather Bahrami, a volunteer at the Worcester County Humane Society.

“All those things can really irritate and hurt the paws on the pets of any sort,” said Bahrami.

The Worcester County Humane Society urges the community to call animal control or police if they see any pets outside for an extended period of time Sunday night.

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