USDA reopens Farm Service Agency temporarily during shutdown to assist farmers

VIENNA, Md. – Help is on the way for farmers across Delmarva and that’s because the USDA has temporarily reopened the Farm Service Agency for limited services.

The Department of Agriculture has recalled 2,500 FSA employees in order to open up Thursday, Friday, and next Tuesday.

They will assist agricultural producers with existing farm loans and they’ll provide 1099 tax documents to borrowers to meet the IRS’s deadline.

47 ABC spoke to a board member of the United Soybean Board, William Layton, who says this is crucial because those borrowing the loans are usually beginning or minority farmers or farmers who can’t afford bank loans. “Those guys don’t have the capital, don’t have the resources to last a long time to without their loans being serviced and so coming in they need to be taken care of,” Layton tells us.

While staff is available in person for the three-day window, most services can be handled over the phone for that period of time.

The services that aren’t available are disaster payments or the market facilitation program.

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