Three Kent County beaches will be replenished

DOVER, Del. –  Three beaches that are long overdue for beach replenishment are finally getting what they need. Pickerings Beach, Bowers Beach, and Kitts Hummock Beach in Kent County are all set to receive more sand starting in February.

We’re told it’s important to protect these beaches because they are an important defense between the Delaware Bay and infrastructure on land.

DNREC says they are being strategic to make sure that they’re not disturbing marine life during this replenishment project.

Shawn Garvin, the Secretary of DNREC said, “So when we do these projects, there’s a number of things that we have to look out for. There may be time of year restrictions where we have migrating birds or horseshoe crabs, if we were actually taking sand from the water we would have to avoid spawning in certain areas.”

Unlike most beach replenishment projects, no dredging will be involved.

Instead, trucks will bring in sand so they have less of a chance of harming or disturbing marine life.

Since this beach replenishment is helping beaches on the bay, they won’t get federal funding for this.

Garvin said, “In this case, we partnered with Senator Bonini, Representative Bennett and Representative Postles who provided some each $100,000 out of their transportation fund to help make this project a reality.”

We’re told the replenishment project is scheduled to be complete by early May.

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