The road salt could damage your car

SALISBURY, Md. – The snow may be gone, but the road salt sure isn’t and all that salt can actually damage your car.

On Monday, 47 ABC spoke to some local mechanics who told us it’s important to wash the salt off your car as soon as possible. That way, your car won’t be corroded, and it prevents rust from forming.

Getting rust on things like brake lines, fuel lines, or even electric wires can cost you a pretty penny in repairs in the future, so we’re told you should consider going to a car wash that will wash underneath your ride.

Harlan Williams, a Mechanic at Clyde’s Car & Light Truck Repair said, “It can cause corrosion underneath your car, so you mainly want to go to a car wash that washes underneath, has undercarriage washing and other than that, just make sure you wash it off as best you can.”

There is a slight chance that we could see more snow later in the week, so you may want to hold off before taking you car into the car wash just yet unless you don’t mind getting it washed twice.

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