Tangier Island without running water; locals rally to help

TANGIER ISLAND, Va. – The nearly 500 residents living on Tangier Island may be surrounded by water, but they’ve recently been living with very little access to it.

“You take things for granted. I mean electricity, water and when you don’t have it man you really see how much you depend on it,” says Tangier Mayor James Eskridge.

A town with little to no water. That’s what’s happening on Tangier Island after their main water line burst on Sunday, January 20.

“We’ve never lost all our water you know like it is,” says Ernest Parks, a Tangier resident.

So locals and companies on the mainland are stepping in to help by loading up 10 pallets of bottled water in Crisfield for the residents.

“They’ve donated drinking water and so we’ve been making runs to Crisfield to bring drinking water but for the residents you can see it here and it’s been a great help,” Eskridge adds.

One by one residents loading up a case of water into their golf carts, water they’re using for everyday things like drinking and washing dishes.

“We do what we have to do and just wait for the repairs to come in.”

And even though the water is slowly starting to come back, it’s still not enough to shower or wash clothes. But the close knit community is keeping its head up.

“We look out for each other and it’s like one big family and that’s good when you do have a disaster or something happen like this it’s nice to help each other out,” Eskridge says.

A local resident named Hoot adds, “The thing is no matter what happens, you can always count your blessings and we have them, we really do.”

And while folks are staying in good spirits through it all, it looks like the water line won’t be fixed until next week so it’s patience and bottled water until then.

To see if donations are still being accepted, contact the Bloxom Volunteer Fire Department, the Elks Lodge in Accomac, F & G Automotive in Onley, or the Exmore Police Department.

A Facebook fundraiser campaign is also available here.


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