Split decision on bills to help federal workers in Delaware

DOVER, Del. – Leaders in the state of Delaware are responding to the failure of a bill that would’ve helped federal workers affected by the government shutdown.

Governor John Carney who signed a bill giving federal workers a chance to work with a court to suspend things like rent, mortgage and taxes was more focused on the senate’s inability to pass House Bill 3.

Governor Carney says that the bill would’ve guaranteed loans to federal workers, but he also admitted that any bill at this point would only be a band-aid.

“Legislation would’ve proposed to provide with a loan to get them cash flow wise from now until the government reopens, but I don’t expect that we have to take over the responsibilities,” Governor Carney tells us.

Senate Majority Leader Nicole Poore says, “It was so disappointing to watch this urgently needed bill fail. Over 500 federal employees in the first state were expecting similar bipartisanship in the Senate and they didn’t get it.”

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