New legislation provides some relief for immigrant families in Maryland

EASTON, Md. – Local immigration advocates are calling recent legislation a small victory for undocumented parents in Maryland looking to make sure their children stay safe.

The new law, which went into effect this week, allows immigrant parents who fear being deported to sign off their children to possible future guardians just in case their worst fears become reality.

“Kind of as a preventative measure thinking of worst case scenarios in the future wanted to make sure that parents could easily take care of their children in case they’re apprehended by ICE agents,” said Matthew Peters, director at the Chesapeake Multicultural Resource Center.

This move comes from state legislators trying to push back against immigration policies by President Trump.

According to Peters, it is crucial that undocumented immigrant families prepare for the worst.

“It’s very important for all families and especially primarily immigrant families to have a plan, an emergency plan,” said Peters.

“No one wants to think about tragedy or terrible things, but as a parent it’s your responsibility to make sure things are planned out,” said Peters.

Peters added there are several challenges immigrant families face when a new immigration policy is passed. He said they will spend hundreds of dollars just to understand the language and try to live a normal life.

“The fear would be if people do start charging money for this and people do start paying for this for legal advice to get this done when it is a free application,” said Peters.

“For anyone to go to court and try and do something on their own it’s stressful it’s complicated.”

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