New farming method: Value-added agriculture becomes multi-billion dollar industry

47 ABC – Farmers say that value-add agriculture has been the key to turning things around in the farming industry. That means making yourself more marketable by selling for example, multiple dairy products instead of just one.

William Layton, a member from the United Soybean Board tells us that in order for farmers to stay profitable, they have to continue getting bigger adding that small farms can get left behind.

“That’s really the saving grace for a lot of small farmers and a lot of ways that they can continue to function so value-added is extremely important for this area and all areas,” Layton says.

This will not only bring in more money but it will also diversify their operation.

We’re told it will be the future for many farmers in our area.

And to show you how much value this type of agriculture is Salisbury University just released a study saying that it generates more than $20 billion for the state of Maryland.

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