Millsboro fire marks third fatal fire in January

MILLSBORO, Del. – For the third time this year, investigators in the first state are trying to learn more about a fatal fire.

The fire erupted early this morning on Harmons Hill Road in Millsboro and while officials are doing all they can to learn more, they’re also making it clear that the trio of fire-related deaths this month is cause for concern.

The assistant state fire marshal, Michael Chionchio says, “Sometimes we don’t get three fatal fires in a year, we’re unfortunately getting off to a bad start but hopefully that will turn around.”

We’re told one occupant was deceased and the other was taken to the hospital for treatment. A 27-year-old woman was able to escape by jumping out of a window.

The 47 ABC crew arrived a few hours later to the scene to crisp walls, broken windows, and burnt pieces of furniture.

A neighbor, who didn’t want to get an camera, says the 27-year-old woman ran to her house barefoot with no coat, seeking help, saying that the other occupant in the house was like a father to her.

With a horrific scenario just like this, officials are trying to prevent this from happening again.

Larry Gum from the Millsboro Fire Company says, “Just smoke detectors is the biggest are the biggest thing to save you, but early warning get out.”

While they may not know the cause for this specific fire, the fire marhsal’s office wants to make sure you’re taking proactive steps. “You need to have your fire place inspected and cleans, chimney’s clean and house heater you need someone to come in and service that once a year,” Chionchio tells us.

But with colder days coming, they expect to be busy. Chionchio tells 47 ABC, “Unfortunately, we’ll probably get some heater fires and fires where they have combustibles too close to their heaters, you want to keep 3 foot space away from the heater.”

The victim was brought to the Division of Forensic Science and an autopsy is scheduled for today. As for the 27-year-old woman, she didn’t want to speak on camera, we were told she was distraught but she is in stable condition.

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