Local school children kickoff fundraising challenge to fight heart disease

OCEAN CITY, Md. –  Education was the goal for the kickoff of Kids Heart Challenge at Ocean City Elementary Thursday afternoon.

More than 200 kids went to work jumping rope, playing hopscotch and shooting hoops.

The Kids Heart Challenge is a partnership between Your Docs in and the American Heart Association that encourage students to learn more about heart disease, and raise money to fight heart disease.

“The habits they start as a child will follow them through their life. And the choices that they make, the choice to smoke, the choice of how they eat, what they eat, and how active they are. All of these contribute to whether you develop heart disease or whether you can prevent it,” said Dr. Walter Gianelle, the owner of Your Docs In.

The AHA partnership will help bring education and fun to the classrooms, and the AHA estimates 60,000 families will be reached through this program in the shore region alone.

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