Life Crisis Center sees highest increase in calls this past year

SALISBURY, Md. – The Life Crisis Center in Salisbury has seen an increase of calls this past year.

Back in 2017, they saw over 28,000 calls. But this past year, that number shot up to 32,000. Just this past holiday season, they’ve seen an increase over 1,000 calls. Many of those calls were based on suicide.

Their Executive Director, Abby Marsh, says one big reason for this increase is because last year there was a lot of national attention on the #MeToo movement. Plus, there was a national focus on suicide with the death of three major celebrities.

“I think it’s really important that you’re not alone, there are options and to those who maybe aren’t feeling that way to remember to check in on those people that are feeling sad or lonely or depressed on the holidays, or maybe involved in an abusive situation,” Marsh tells us.

If you or any one you know needs any assistance, you can call their hotline number at 410-749-4357.

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