Harbeson intersection improvements to begin next week

HARBESON, Del. – It’s been a long time coming. After years of waiting, residents and travelers in Delaware are getting the fix they need at the Route 9 Harbeson Road intersection.

“This road has high volumes. There’s been concerns over the years and hopefully this project will help them out,” said DelDot area engineer George Pierce.

Delaware Department of Transportation officials say the intersection has seen its fair share of accidents over the years. Including large trucks that have crashed into this United Methodist Church cemetery multiple times. With the most recent accident leaving the wall still in pieces.

“As soon as they fix that wall, 24 hours later somebody has crashed into that wall,” said Dragon’s Lair manager Vicky Apostolopoulos.

On January 22nd, DelDot will fix all of that with a number of improvements including bridge replacements, widening roads, and more to prevent these types of incidents from happening again.

“We are widening the intersection and also shifting it north word away from the cemetery wall so that will allow more room for trucks to make right hand turns,” Pierce said.

And while many are looking forward to the intersection upgrade, businesses in the area worry about losing customers during the road closure.

“It hurts us when they shut down to do construction even though we understand it’s needed but at the same time we worry about being a small business in the area,” said Apostolopoulos.

But officials say business owners can put their mind at ease.

“All through construction, all businesses will be open in the area and will have access at all times so please come through and utilize all the businesses in the area,” said Pierce.

DelDot officials plan to begin construction on the intersection on Tuesday January 22nd, and they expect to complete the first phase of the project by the end of March.


  • Route 5/Harbeson Road will be closed north of the US 9/Lewes-Georgetown Highway.
  • Motorists leaving Milton to travel southbound on Route 5/Harbeson Road will need to utilize Sand Hill Road westbound to Route 30/Gravel Hill Road southbound to eastbound US 9/Lewes-Georgetown Highway.Traffic leaving Harbeson to travel northbound to Route 5/Harbeson Road will need to utilize US 9/Lewes-Georgetown Highway westbound to Route 30/Gravel Hill Road northbound, to eastbound Sand Hill Road.
  • For all of the other intersecting routes, motorists should follow the posted detour signage.
  • During this construction, all businesses will remain open to the public.

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