Habitat for Humanity Wico. Co. homeowner feeling effects of gov’t shutdown

SALISBURY, Md. – 19 days, that’s how long we’ve been in a partial government shutdown. During that time government workers have been furloughed and have gone without pay.

Today, 47 ABC spoke with a non-profit that’s seeing the effects of that. Molly Hilligoss, the Executive Director of Habitat for Humanity of Wicomico County says one of their success stories is having a hard time with the government shutdown. She says that she’s worried about one of her habitat homeowners.

We won’t disclose the homeowner for privacy issues but Hilligoss did want to share the severity of this government shutdown.

Hilligoss says that the homeowner came in yesterday to pay her mortgage and yet Hilligoss felt terrible to accept it because she didn’t realize that she wasn’t getting paid.

The homeowner is a USDA inspector and a single parent. For the past 19 days, she’s been working without any pay.

Hilligoss says this homeowner has worked hard to become an inspector but now, those dreams are being affected. “She’s worried that she’s not going to have enough to get to work that she’s required to be at because she’s a necessary employee. I’m worried she’s not going to have enough money to buy food. She’s supporting 4 boys right now she has a daughter in college,” Hilligoss says.

Beyond that, this homeowner can’t apply for unemployment or food stamps so currently she is in limbo until the government shutdown is finally over.

Luckily, Hilligoss is helping out her friend by going to get groceries and a gas card for this homeowner.

As for this government shutdown, negotiations again broke down today to end the shutdown with President Donald Trump walking out a meeting after democratic leaders refused to budge on their stance on a border wall.

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