Family of Anton Black reacts to release of body cam footage of teen’s death

GREENSBORO, Md. – “What has happened to Anton has divided this community,” said LaToya Holley.

37 minutes. That was the total time captured on Greensboro police officer Thomas Webster’s body camera that recorded the arrest and death of 19-year-old Anton Black.

“He was a favored son and they ran him down and treated him like a runaway slave,” said Anton’s father Atone Black Sr.

The body camera footage 47 saw showed Black talking to officer Thomas after he was questioned about the young boy he was allegedly dragging down the street.
And that’s when Black took off. He was later shown being arrested on the front porch of his home in Greensboro where you can hear his mother yelling at him to stop struggling.

“He wasn’t just physically resisting, he was actively assaulting the officers,” said use of force expert Will Gleason.

Further footage showed that Webster used a taser to subdue Black but it did not hit him.So officials ruled out that the taser was the cause of Black’s death
But later, you can see multiple officers on top of black trying to handcuff him while he was still clearly struggling. And that’s when Black’s family says they believe the officers choked him to death.

“They cornered him in and put him in a choker they killed him,” said Antone Black Sr.

But experts believe after reviewing the footage themselves no excessive force was used.

“I did not see anything excessive by any of the officers on there no strikes no choke holds,” said Gleason.

Despite it being four months since Black’s death the medical examiner has yet to release the autopsy. But investigators say they need that report to answer three very important questions: How did Anton die? Was his death caused by someone else? And if so, do they have enough to prosecute?

“We’ll work to answer all three of those questions ethically professionally and without any agenda and we will go wherever the evidence leads us,” said State’s Attorney Joseph Riley.

Also on the video 47 did see emergency officials administering CPR and narcan to Black when he was unconscious. On the video Police say they believed Black had smoked marijuana that was laced with some other drug, which is why they gave him narcan as well.


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