Fake money circulating around Salisbury yet again

SALISBURY, Md. – Salisbury police are warning business owners that once again fake Motion Picture money is circulating around the city.

So far, police have already responded to two incidents at Royal Farms and Domino’s Pizza. Investigators say customers were using this fake money to pay for their items.

We’re told that this type of money has been used in years past and the best thing businesses can do right now is to really look at the cash when a customer goes to pay for an item.

“We understand that the bills aren’t usually noticed until the register is balanced or there’s a money drop that’s being made and sometimes that’s hours later, we totally understand that, that’s why we’re asking for patience take the time and look at the bills and make a phone call immediately,” explains Capt. Rich Kaiser.

Police do warn food delivery drivers to wait until making any call to the police until they are at a safe location, not on the customer’s doorsteps.

And if you do come in contact with someone trying to use this fake money, please call the Salisbury Police Department at 410-548-3165.

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