Eastern shore lawmakers breakdown Gov. Hogan’s proposed $46.6 billion budget

ANNAPOLIS, Md. – Just two weeks into legislative session, Governor Larry Hogan has unveiled his $46.6 billion budget proposal that’s focusing on major funding for education, healthcare, transportation and more. And while the budget is still in its early stages local lawmakers say they’re happy with what they’ve seen so far.

“As we go through it today and over the weekend we’ll come in Monday with our schedule ready of what we’re looking for and what we need to protect,” said Delegate Carl Anderton.

As Governor Hogan officially submits his budget for the 2020 fiscal year, eastern shore legislators are taking a close look at the proposal. Which is looking to provide close to $6.9 billion for education and school safety.

“As we try to have children come into the workforce well trained, well educated, I’m happy to see our governor prioritize it and at the same time do this in a way that doesn’t hurt the taxpayers wallets,” said Delegate Chris Adams.

The budget’s also putting health care at the top of the list by including $11.5 billion in funding for Maryland’s Medicaid program and providing incentives to improve recruitment and retention of other hard to fill positions in state health and correctional facilities.

“There was more money put in for psychiatrists I’m really excited about that because we’ve had a shortage of psychiatrists on the Eastern shore and around the state,” said Senator Addie Eckardt.

“It was very uplifting and encouraging to see Governor Hogan provide basically a 7% increase for correctional officer’s,” said Senator Mary Beth Carozza.

Local lawmakers say they were also pleased to see more than $40 million proposed to combat the statewide opioid epidemic to continually provide funding for substance use disorder services.

“While that funding is there we need look at the issue holistically to ensure that policy matches what really people are needing in the streets and on the streets,” said Delegate Sheree Sample-Hughes.

Governor Hogan adds that this announcement is just the first step in the process. The legislature will have the next 75 days to review, debate, and make revision and ultimately pass the final budget.

Officials add that Governor Larry Hogan will present an in-depth briefing of the proposal to the budget committee on Monday, January 21st at 3 PM.


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