Caroline County Public Schools helps families affected by shutdown

CAROLINE Co., Md. –  The partial government shutdown, now the longest in US history, is taking a toll on government workers living in Caroline County.

The lack of pay has made it hard for some to keep up with things like groceries at home, something Caroline County Public Schools is aware of.

To help, the school recently announced that they will allow students whose parents are affected by the shutdown to apply for FARMs, which stands for Free And Reduced Priced Meals.

This means, families that ordinarily wouldn’t qualify for the farms program could now be eligible for the remainder of the school year.

We’re told one parent has already come forward to thank the school district for their quick thinking.

Patricia Saelens, the Superintendent of CCPS said, “We actually have had at least one that has come forward that said they really didn’t have any kind of idea, and they’re very thankful…that’s one worry off their plate that their child can come to school and they know that their child is going to be fed a nutritional meal during the day.”

We’re told families that have been struggling to pay for their kids meals these past few weeks, including those who do not receive farms assistance, will now have the rest of the school year to pay off any meal balances incurred during the shutdown.

On top of this, we’re told Caroline County Public Schools offers free breakfast to all of their students.

Their ultimate goal is to let parents know that they’re there to support them in their time of need.

“It’s obvious with the furloughs with the government shutdown that we have a greater need and so we just want to make sure that all of our parents are aware that we’re here to support them and the nutritional needs of their students,” Saelens said.

To apply for the FARMs program, you can just fill out the form, which you can find on the CCPS website, and from there you can submit the completed form.

Applications can be submitted in various ways: They can be scanned and emailed to, faxed to 410-479-3255, submitted to your child’s school office, or submitted to the Food Services office at 414 Gay Street in Denton

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