Bills signed in Delaware to help furloughed government workers

DOVER, Del. –  In Delaware, lawmakers are taking action to help furloughed government workers.

House Bills 2 and 3 were passed through the House on Tuesday, and on Wednesday afternoon, they were expected to pass through the Senate.

House Bill 2 allows federal workers adversely affected by the government shutdown to apply to a court or administrative agency for a temporary stay, postponement or suspension of any payment of rent, mortgage, tax, fine, penalty, insurance premium, or other civil obligation or liability.

House Bill 3 would provide state-guaranteed, low-interest loans to federal workers to help cover mortgage payments, medical bills, food costs, and other bills facing federal workers who are going without pay during the shutdown.

Lawmakers we spoke to on Wednesday say they’re ready for the shutdown to end but until then, they want to help those affected.

Rep. Ruth Briggs King, (R) District 37, said, “This is to provide the opportunity for some emergency relief for some that may need that to help pay those bills and to do so in a timely manner which indeed will help the people who the obligations are owed to.”

The next step is for Governor John Carney to sign the bills into law.

Representative Ruth Briggs King told us that there are just a little less than 500 furloughed federal workers in the State of Delaware.

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