Advocates say Salisbury’s support program for domestic violence victims is successful

SALISBURY, Md. – “The next step is critical.”

That next step is getting victims of domestic assault back on their feet.

A little over a year ago, the department of Justice awarded $350,000 to the City of Salisbury alongside the Life Crisis Center and Telamon Inc. to not only provide relief, but provide an outlet for women and their families to have a safe space and financial support.

The crisis center’s Executive Director Abigail Marsh said, “That grant has been critical in the community for assisting clients that we’ve safely housed and transitioned into more stable more long term housing.”

Once those clients find a safe space to live, the relief funded by the grant allows women to reclaim their lives free from a dangerous situation.

Salisbury Mayor Jake Day said, “This longer term transitional support allows for those families to find an environment where they can achieve stability and transition to independence.”

Once they regain independence they’re able to apply for jobs, have a steady income and not have to rely on their abuser to do so, Mayor Day says.

We’re told the program didn’t fully get rolling until six months in due to delays from the Office of Violence Against Women.

Marsh said, “It was awarded to begin last January, but because of OVW and some of the requirements it didn’t get rolling until July.”

She also says although they weren’t fully able to start helping victims until everything was finalized, a year later they’ve been able to help five families in our area.

One of those families was able to spend their Christmas free from abuse for the first time ever.

Marsh said, “At this [past] Christmas time, it was amazing to hear the stories from the families who are living for the first time without abuse.”

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