Woman in “worst case of animal cruelty” gets no jail time

PRINCESS ANNE, Md. – Linda Brown, the owner of Jolindy’s German Shepherds in Princess Anne, took a plea deal Thursday in what Somerset County officials say was the worst case of animal cruelty that they have ever seen.

As part of her deal, Brown will face three years of unsupervised probation, during which animal control can check-up on her at any time. She will also not be allowed to have more than the four dogs she currently owns, and all four must be spayed or neutered.

Despite taking a plea deal though, Brown told 47 ABC that she still believes she’s innocent. Brown said the judge was dead set on finding her guilty and that’s why she felt she had to take the deal. The woman, who was once known for selling former Vice President Joe Biden a puppy, says since then she’s been treated unfairly by animal control. She believes Thursday was just another example of that.

Brown’s first words out of court Thursday were, “This was absolutely unfair.” That came after she pleaded guilty to 3 counts of animal cruelty, down from the 14 she faced. But only because she says it was her only choice.

When asked why she took a plea deal, even though she believes she’s not guilty, Brown said, “Cause they were going to put me in jail.”

Brown was also asked if she felt that she couldn’t win on Thursday. She responded, “Well not according to this guy I couldn’t win. His mindset was I was not getting my dogs back and that was it.”

In court the State called several witnesses to the stand, who testified that when they rescued 40 dogs from her property in July of 2018, the dogs were living in “deplorable conditions without regular access to clean water or food”.

They also testified that the kennels and Brown’s home were covered in feces and urine, to the point that the smell stung their nostrils. But Brown says those were all lies and that the fecal matter was just flooring that they were re-doing.

“It wasn’t poop. It was the underlayment on the floor. The floor bubbled up and there was brown floor underneath.”

Brown went on to say that most days her property looked the way it did this Summer, when she granted 47 ABC’s cameras access to her property, days after the seizure. She adds that the warrant was served before she and her team had the chance to clean up for the day. But Brown maintained, even at its worst, people would see similar sights elsewhere.

She adds, “every puppy is dirty in the morning.”

Brown says that one day, she will breed dogs again even if she has to move out of Maryland.


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