Thousands of hand crafted items distributed to people in need

GEORGETOWN, Del. – It’s the season of giving and on Monday, thousands of hand crafted hats, blankets, scarves and more were shipped out to those in need.

Rachel Knapp, a volunteer said, “[Monday’s] effort is an accumulation of all years work.”

On Monday, thousands of intricately knitted, sewn, and quilted items laid in neatly arranged piles, waiting to be placed into labeled bags where they would then be shipped off and given to those in need.

Knapp said, “They have thirty some organizations that they distribute to.”

The hands that bagged the items are the same hands who made many of these colorful creations.

We’re told the process of making, then giving away these items helps the volunteers just as much as it helps the people receiving the items.

Ann Gorrin, a Volunteer Services Administrator for Volunteer Delaware 50+ said, “Some of the volunteers are in their 90’s and still working, and that’s why we call it ‘Nimble Fingers’, it helps them as much as it helps the recipient.”

The recipients of the hand-crafted items include hospitals, nursing homes, agencies serving the military and veterans, shelters, children and so on.

Knapp said, “Anything that’s handmade, people appreciate.”

By taking just one look at the tables filled with handmade items on Monday, you could tell there was no shortage of what these volunteers created for these groups.

Gorrin said, “We have baby items, we have hats, scarves, lap robes, bibs and bags.”

In addition to the blankets, hats, and scarves, Nimble Fingers also took requests for specialty items like chemo caps, helmet liners for troops overseas, as well as stuffed bears for children in need.

Knapp said,”I mean if you look around the room there is just incredible things that people have made.”

While the work here is done for now, volunteers are already getting back to work preparing for next years distribution.

Yarn and material for this project was obtained through donations and a grant from the Sussex County Council.

If you want to become a volunteer for Nimble Fingers, you are encouraged to call them at 302-515-3020.

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