The Brightside: The Junk Box

The Junk box thrift store sits right across the street from the courthouse in Downtown Princess Anne.
But what’s happening behind these doors is more than simple commerce.
The owner, Suzanne Cogar is serving up loving care, one sale at a time.

“I started going to the auctions with him and realized hey, this could be fun. and before I knew it, I had a load of stuff.”

Cogar says she unpacks about 10 boxes of merchandise every single day.

“We have everything, I have furniture appliances. If I don’t have something, I have a wish list. I put people’s names in my little pink box and when I go to an auction if I see an item, I know I want to bid on that unit because somebody is looking for that item.”

But Suzanne is not just operating a store.
She’s actually filling what she considers an unmet need in this town where the only option to buy housewares, clothing and furniture is at Family Dollar or Dollar General.
And sometimes she goes above and beyond like when she gave a young woman and her boyfriend a bed *free* of charge because she knew they needed it.

“They didn’t have a bed, they were sleeping on the floor. When she discovered me, she came in to ask if I had any beds. I said yeah, I’ve got several. I took it over and delivered it to her and set it up for her. When I find the means of all this to give back to somebody, I’m able to do it because I have it.”

This shop owner has a big heart and cares for the Princess Anne community which she has called home for over 25 years.

“It has its ups and downs. It has its good people and bad people. but you know if more people would help each other out, it would get back to the Princess Anne we had 20 years ago.”, says Cogar.

Cogar says the junk box has lots to offer, if you can get past the high volume of goods and small pathways.

“It gets crazy in here. there’s some people that come in here that don’t like the clutter. If you’re not a clutter person, this is not the store for you.”

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