The Brightside: Samaritan Shelter

The Samaritan Shelter has been operating in the Pocomoke City Community for nearly 30 years. It helps men, women and children get back on their feet.
Steve Bethard sits on the board for the shelter.

“I was actually a resident at one time. I made some bad decisions in my life and came here and they got me back on the right path.”

Bethard is now in a position to give back and he credits the shelter programs with his turn-around.

“We’re obviously a homeless shelter. We do three meals a day here for the residents. We do two days a week of the soup kitchen which are Wednesdays and Fridays. We do a food ban two days a week, which are Tuesdays and Saturdays. And we help people in need of clothing.”

Bethard says lots of people could find themselves homeless and don’t even realize how fast things can go south.

“I think more people than even realize are one paycheck away from being homeless and that’s all it takes. Mental health and addiction is another one.”

The shelter is set up just like a home and has eight bedrooms. In total, 24 people can stay there for 30 days at a time in most cases.
It takes a lot of resources to keep the operation going according to Bethard.

“We always have needs. Paper goods, toiletries, canned foods of course and monetary donations are always welcome.”

Bethard says we shouldn’t judge the homeless people because its a situation that affects all kinds of people.

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