The Brightside: Musically Gifted

Gus Fadden is a sophomore at Indian River High School.

He says he’s been playing since elementary school and is getting high honors for his work.

“In music I always kind of focused on those dirty low-brass parts so that was what I really wanted to get into.”

This year, he was granted an impressive spot.

“I just got into *all national concert band” and the way you get into that is you’ve got to get into your state band first.”

But Gus isn’t the only gifted student the Indian River School district is celebrating this year.

“I just always wanted to play music so I just did.”

Senior Kathleen Carter just got selected for a prestigious musical ensemble.

“I was picked for the all-eastern choir which is made up of 11 states with kids from 11 states who got very high-rankings from their all-state choir and band and orchestra achievements.”

Kathleen also performs with a band called Twice-Removed and on her own as a solo act.

Her classmate, Zachary Ables, has a special connection to the district’s music program.

“My dad helps me out with learning stuff and he helped me with music theory.”

Zack’s dad is the music director at Sussex Central High School.

He says he couldn’t be prouder of his son’s accomplishment of making it onto the all eastern orchestra.

Ables says watching the kids he’s taught over 23 years grow in their craft is so rewarding to him.

“I know not everybody is going to go on to be a professional musician or go into music, but my goal has been just to create life-long learners.”

And it looks like this educator’s goal is coming to fruition in the lives of his son and other students within the district.

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