Special wreaths placed at Legislative Hall to honor military members

DOVER, Del. –  Dozens braced the cold at Legislative Hall to honor our armed servicemen and women. It’s a ceremony that’s taking place across the United States this holiday season called Wreaths Across America.

Each wreath placed at Legislative Hall and across the country represents honor and remembrance and on Monday dozens paid homage to those who served and those who sacrificed for our freedoms through those special wreaths.

“I am proud that we are here today to pay tribute to the heroes of our great nation and to thank our veterans and military families. You are the heart of our community,” explains Rep. William Carson Jr.

It’s a tradition that cities across the country partake in every year during the holiday season. And this year they’re honoring 72,000 Delaware veterans that have and continue to protect our country.

“Wreaths Across America is a wonderful program that recognizes them and not only recognizes them but really instills that sense of respect and admiration to our youth into the next generation, which is something that we have to do year after year so that they know the value and the importance of our Armed Forces in the United States,” adds Sen. Brian Pettyjohn.

And the wreath serves as more than just a symbol of respect, it represents a country that will never forget. It reminds our service members that there will be an eternity of grateful Americans.

“The wreath like our flag represents something larger than ourselves. Our flag represents a nation full of opportunities, full of individuality and full of pride. Wreaths represent those who have fallen those in uniform and teaches are next generation,” explains Larence Kirby, of Del. Commission of Veterans Affairs.

About one million wreathes will be placed all over the country this holiday season and 25,000 will be placed at veteran graves in Delaware.

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