Pip the Beach Cat gets a book deal

OCEAN CITY, Md. – Pip the Beach Cat has been all over Ocean City recently, capturing the hearts of everyone he meets. You can often find Pip hanging out at arcades like Playland now that it’s too cold to hit the beach, but Pip has been doing more than just brushing up on his Skee-Ball skills, he’s been working on a book!

Pip recently signed a deal with Mascot Books, a publishing company, to create a book that will be Pip’s guide to Ocean City.

Pip’s owner, Emily Meadows said, “We actually physically pay for the book to be printed, and we pay that company ourselves, so we’ve pretty much put in everything we’ve got to make this book come to life and hopefully one day Pip might be writing a children’s guide book for other cities too!”

Because this will be a self-published book, Pip will be hosting book events himself, which is great because that means when people buy his book, they will be able to meet Pip in person!

Pip’s owners hope to raise money for charity with the book. They are also working on having Pip become a therapy cat.

Pre-order of the book is expected to be available by the end of April, and the book should be in people’s hands by May.

Until then, if you want to follow along on Pip’s daily adventures, you can follow him on Facebook and Instagram at @ImFeelingPipsy.

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