New report card gives insight to Dorchester Co. Public Schools

DORCHESTER COUNTY, Md. – In Maryland, we continue dive into the results of the state’s new five-star rating system for public schools.

It’s the state’s response to the Every Student Succeeds Act, a much more detailed way to measure school success.  Dorchester County Public Schools is encouraged by the new results that measure the school community as a whole.

“It is more than just test scores, you know, we focus on the curriculum, we’re able to look at surveys,” explains Dr. Diana Mitchell, Dorchester County Superintendent.

The new report card rating system in Maryland is something Dorchester County educators is encouraged from.

North Dorchester HS Principal Jacqueline Sorrells explains, “We’ve gotten feedback on our academic achievement through PARCC scores and obviously on graduation, but I think the most remarkable difference is absolutely that survey because that speaks to parts of the school community we don’t necessarily hear back from.”

Dorchester County is encouraged by their results with 91 percent of their schools receiving three and four or five star ratings.  North Dorchester High is one of those four star schools.

Sorrell says, “We were very pleased with our graduation rate. It was one of our highest components in terms of scoring and we work real deliberately with our families, our stakeholders, outside agencies and resources to ensure kids are able to matriculate through here in four years, to make sure they have a plan when they leave here.”

The report is also giving all the schools including North Dorchester an area where there’s room to grow and improve, mathematics.

“We’re going to be looking at our performance on mathematics and Algebra and Geometry specifically. We have a great program here, a wonderful math coach and we have dedicated common assessments students take. So we’re engaging student progress throughout the year and we’re going to continue to do that, basically see what our kids need.”

And while there’s some schools like Maces Lane Middle School that received only two stars this year,  school officials are excited to see the efforts and growth that will be made not just at Maces Lane, but all schools in the county.

“This is an opportunity to grow for all of our schools and Maces Lane we do have a new principal there this year and I’m very proud of some of things they have in the works at Maces Lane,” adds Dr. Mitchell.

School officials tell us this information in the report card could guide a lot of decision making for future families looking to move into the area. It will give them a chance to look at the culture as well as the academics.

And parents with kids already in the Dorchester County school system are encouraged to check out the new Report Card. All you have to do is head to the website, that’s where you’ll find report cards for each school and county.

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