Nativity scene finds new home in Rehoboth Beach

REHOBOTH BEACH, Del. – The installation of a nativity has stirred up much controversy for over a week in Rehoboth Beach, and that is why one local restaurant chain is looking to help out.

“When we found out, our Vice President Jeff Gosnear knew we were right next to the bandstand, and we have plenty of space,” said the Grotto Pizza Director of Marketing, Vinnie DiNatale.

“We’re a well-known area for people to come down, so we offered it,” said DiNatale.

On Thursday, Grotto Pizza agreed to install the nativity at the Boardwalk after members of the Saint Edmond Catholic Church were forced to take it down near the bandstand last week.

“All of our traditions have gone wayside because of whatever, and we just need to step up and think a little bit longer and harder about that, and what it’s going to do to families and children,” said Susan Fallers, a Rehoboth Beach resident.

According to DiNatale, community members were shocked after learning the nativity was rejected by Mayor Paul Kuhns after its installation apparently had already been approved for the city property.

“For him to take the nativity scene away, what is Christmas without a nativity scene?” said Michael Fallers, a Rehoboth Beach resident.

“We all relate to that, and I’ve been brought up viewing the nativity scene, and it’s not there anymore,” said Michael.

“There’s a lot of people that are fans of Grotto Pizza and are also part of that parish, and we know there’s a lot of overlap there,” said DiNatale.

Community members said they are grateful for Grotto Pizza, and their efforts to bring the nativity back out again.

But, they refuse to forget how their favorite Christmas tradition was almost taken away.

“Myself, I’ll never come to another tree lighting in this city again,” said Michael.

“I think it’s a shame,” said Michael.

DiNatale said the nativity will be installed at the Grotto Pizza patio on Rehoboth Avenue during the weekend.

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