Hundreds of shelter animals find their forever homes at Mega Adoption event

HARRINGTON, Del. – Over a thousand animals could find homes this weekend at the Brandywine Valley SPCA’s Mega Adoption event at the Delaware State Fairgrounds.

Animals, like Hooch, an eight-year old Mastiff who was rescued just a month ago from West Virginia, and nursed back to health.


“We met him last week. He had a big, huge bark, and it was just a loud bark with a little growl. But I was just watching his tail wag and my wife just fell in love with him,” said Ben Scott, a Dover resident who adopted Hooch.

It’s not just the animals here who are in need. Many people come to the Mega Adoption event looking to fill a void.

“This was our opportunity to be able to have one. We just recently lost one of our other pets, we had a cat beforehand. And we just decided we wanted something larger and different,” said Scott.

The hundreds of people making their way through the Fairgrounds this weekend will have their choice of animals, of all different shapes and sizes.

“You’ve got a lot of different choices,” said Linda Torelli, the marketing director for BVSCPA. “You can bring your family dog in to find a dog that gets along with your dog, being your kids in, see how everyone gets along. We have staff on hand to make sure it’s a good match for your family.”

It’s not just dogs and puppies up for adoption, there’s also hundreds of cats.

“Our cats, our furry friends, they need help, too. So we have tons of cats here, there’s tons of cats throughout our shelters that needs homes,” said operations manager David Owens.

Shelters often see fewer adoptions this time of year, which can lead to overcrowded conditions.

With over 4,300 animals adopted over the past two years, this event has become critical for the shelters operations.

“Shelters really fill up through the summer, and so when we get to this time of year we have a lot of animals. Meanwhile, we have a lot of families who want to put a new family member in,” said Torelli.

If you missed out on the Mega Adoption event Saturday, there are still hundreds of furry friends ready for you to stop by on Sunday.

If you order a fast pass online, the gate will open for you tomorrow at 9 AM, the gates open at 10 AM for everyone else.  The event wraps up at 6 PM, Sunday night.

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