Experts offer tips to winterize home this season

BERLIN, Md. – As the cold weather approaches, it’s critical that you prepare your home for freezing temperatures, ice, and snow. And experts say if you properly winterize your home beforehand, you can save yourself the stress, and a whole lot of money this winter.

“It’s really that you do it right the first time so you don’t have problems down the line,” said Chief Operating Officer for My Service Club Michael Bathon.

HVAC expert Michael Bathon is urging residents across Delmarva to take action now and winterize their homes before it’s too late.

“The cost associated with not doing the preventative maintenance for winterization outweighs twenty times, “said Bathon.

Experts say its crucial to check that your heating systems are working properly and areas in your home are well insulated to prevent your pipes from freezing, because if they burst that could cause significant damage to your home.

“Not only do we have the damage that the water can cause, but also you have electrical hazards that are created from the water damage,” said Deputy Fire Chief for the Ocean City Police Department Ryan Whittington.

To prevent this from happening, officials say you should wrap your domestic pipes with heating tape. Another tip, leave your faucet on a drip when you leave the house.

“It keeps the flow of water throughout the pipes and they’re not stagnant and it’s going to freeze up, “said Bathon.

Experts also say you should be changing your HVAC filters, checking your home for cracks and leaks,and most importantly removing all hoses attached to your house.

“I made that mistake once, I left it on, I left for a couple of weeks came back and then next thing you know we have a $350 bill to replace the faucet,” Bathon said.

Whether you live in a house or an apartment, or own a vacation home, experts say if you follow these important tips you’ll have a safe and hazard free winter season.

Officials are also urging residents to get a WiFi thermostat, which can give you alerts if they detect a problem with your heating system-and your house gets too cold. They also say it’s important that you clean your gutters to prevent icicles and ice dams from forming later.



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