Drug maker recalls Infant Ibuprofen

47 ABC – There’s a big recall parents may want to listen to because it’s about a medicine you may have at home.The maker of a children’s ibuprofen is voluntarily recalling three lots of the medication.

Tris Pharma says the concentrations may be too high which poses a danger to the public, which is why they’re getting it off the market.
We’re told too much ibuprofen can cause kidney injury, bleeding episodes and other health risks.

But there are three things you need to look for to see if the product you have is on the recall list: the lot number, the National Drug Code number, and the expiration date of the affected lots.

“If you have that and if you’ve used it, they recommend checking with your doctor or pharmacist. Most people if you have, I would recommend you throw it out, don’t use it and purchase an unaffected lot,” explains Apple Discount Drugs Pharmacist Matt Balish.

The brands of children’s ibuprofen being recalled are Equate from Walmart, CVS, and Family Wellness at Family Dollar. To learn more about the recall you can visit the FDA’s recall website or Tris Pharma’s website.

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