55K going towards Maryland’s LGBTQ history

MARYLAND – $300,000 will go towards ten projects throughout the state to preserve historical sites. And $55,000 of it will be directed specifically to Maryland’s LGBTQ history.

According to Governor Larry Hogan’s administration, the money will be going towards a statewide project that will develop a historic context for LGBTQ history in Maryland. It’s basically creating a digital map as well as public tours of the historic sites.

It’s a move that a local LGBTQ support group called PFLAG thinks is a step in the right direction.

“There’s no negative aspect when it comes to that. I mean I can’t applaud him and the administration enough more than the fact of even considering something like this and to put this on the forefront in a larger proportion of things that needs to be addressed,” explains¬†Mark DeLancey, President of the Board for PFLAG Salisbury.

DeLancey says that although this is definitely a good thing, out of the 22 sites that are currently being evaluated none of them are on the Eastern Shore. Which he believes only reveals more outreach and progress is important here on the shore.


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