Why you shouldn’t give a pet as a gift for the holidays

Holidays are right around the corner and oftentimes, people decide to give puppies and kittens as gifts and while this may seem like a sweet sentiment, a Humane Society tells us it can be a bad idea.

Sometimes when you surprise someone with a puppy or kitten, they may not actually be on board or be ready for that kind of responsibility and as a result, that puppy or kitten could be neglected, given away or worse.

Adopting a pet is making a huge commitment, so we’re told it’s important for your family or the person you’re giving the dog or cat to to know about it and be on board ahead of time, that way it ensures the dog or cat will be going to a good home where they are wanted and cared for.

Another good option is to foster an animal before officially adopting it.

Jayme Shatz, the Shelter Manager at the Caroline County Humane Society said, “There is a foster to adopt program [at the Caroline County Humane Society] so if there’s an animal that you’re really in love with and you’ve passed the adoption process, then you would most certainly be able to take that pet home and make sure it works for you and your family and things like tha,t and then there aren’t any questions asked if things don’t work out.”

Another important thing to remember when adopting a pet is that they are a long-term commitment, as cats can live up to 20 years and dogs over 10 years.

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