The Brightside: Resource Recovery Center

As many people here on Delmarva work to recover from drug addiction, one organization has been offering guidance and support for over 20 years.

Resource Recovery Center Executive Director, Curtis Paul says he’s is glad to be in a position to help others.

“We offer a variety of 12 step programs and various educational workshops.”

People from all walks of life come to the center for help as they work to get their lives straight.

Paul says the agency has been around for over three decades and has helped hundreds, despite a few name changes over the years.

“SSACC — Salisbury Substance Abuse Community Center. That’s how most people know it and they still refer to it as the SSACC center. That’s where a lot of people got clean, its where they started their journey through recovery.”, says Paul.

Its a journey that Resource Recovery Center has helped countless people on Delmarva through like Kenneth Jenkins.

Jenkins has been clean for over 25 years but when he moved to the Eastern Shore, he looked for a place to meet like-minded people.

“You get a lot of information in treatment but recovery goes a lot further than when you spend a couple of weeks in a treatment facility. Places like this give you a way to not only to stop using but find a new way of living.”, says Jenkins.

Jenkins says even though he’s been clean for well over two decades, its still a challenge everyday.

He says the center has a healing effect on him and others in the community.

Jenkins says, “The more information we can get to people about recovery, not just the beginning of the process but how you can have longevity in sustaining recovery the less we might need the “Overdose Awareness Day.”

The Resource Recovery Center just hosted Overdose Awareness day, which is an event honoring the lives lost to addiction while encouraging others to make a positive change.

“Addiction is such a devastating thing on our society. We hear about all the tragic stories but what about the miracles? What about the person who came in here where everybody has abandoned them?”, says Jenkins.

But for those who choose to come to the center, they find hope and the steps they need to triumph and overcome addiction.

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