Revelation Craft Brewing Co. expanding, buys 16 Mile’s old property

GEORGETOWN, Del. – Beer lovers listen up, Revelation Craft Brewing Company is expanding after recently purchasing 16 Mile Brewing Company’s old location in Georgetown.

Brewmaster Patrick Staggs tells 47 ABC, “Right away we’re going to be expanding on the existing building. We’re going to add an outdoor area.

Staggs also says starting spring 2019, his team has big plans for the newly acquired facility.

Staggs said, “We’re adding some event space perfect for weddings, concerts, and festivals. We’re also adding a kitchen space so we can have a full menu.”

Staggs tells 47 ABC he expects the new additions to bring in big business to his already successful brewing company, but it’s not just Revelation that will reap the benefits.

We spoke with the town manager of Georgetown, Gene Dvornick who says it will bring in a whole lot of traffic.

Dvornick said, “Its an enticement to bring people into Georgetown that maybe haven’t stopped here or when they do the ‘ales trails,’ which bring people in from all over the country in to Delaware.”

After 16 Mile recently closed Dvornick says the town lost a large favorite community hotspot.

He said, “In the case of 16 mile, we had a lot of locals that would visit there on a regular basis, so it was a tough blow to the community.”

Revelation tells 47 ABC they’re happy to bring their homegrown flair to Georgetown.

Staggs said, “There’s going to be a lot of similarities to what we have in Rehoboth, where we’ve taken a piece of the community and have really become one of the pillars around here. We’re looking forward to doing the same thing in Georgetown.”

In addition to attracting tourists to the small Sussex County Town, Dvornick says it will be a great meeting place for young people and a hub for families because of its conveniently placed location.

He said, “This is a good time for them to be opening in Georgetown. Directly across the street we have a multi-family housing project that’s in the process of site-work now, so it’s a compliment and yet another thing to attract younger people to Georgetown.”

Revelation says its their unique homegrown touch that keeps loyal brew-lovers coming back, and they hope to gain even more at their additional location.

Staggs said, “Just to hear around the bar people talking about the beers as if they’re their own, and how they can’t wait to share them with their friends or share something going on in the brewery, I take a lot of pride in that.”

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