Rain affecting local oyster harvests

DORCHESTER Co., MD – It seems we just can’t catch a break from the rain this year and unfortunately, all that wet weather has been spelling trouble for watermen who harvest oysters in our area.

Members of the Choptank Oyster Company in Cambridge say the rain affects reproduction and growth rates of oysters so much so that this year, they had to source seed out of state.

On top of that, the wet weather has hurt their sales because they say a good amount of their money comes from selling oysters at festivals and they say not many people are looking for oysters when it’s rainy outside.

If that wasn’t bad enough, they also say the rain has been changing the taste of these delicacies on the half shell.

Kevin McClarren, the General Manager of the Choptank Oyster Co. said, “It kind of washes them out a little bit, people expect to have a salty oyster, ours are not terribly salty to begin with, because they were really influenced by the rain, so when it really washed all of the salt out, they really become a little bit flat.”

Watermen we spoke to on Monday say going forward, they are just hoping for drier, less windy weather so their oysters can thrive.

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