Powerful new opioid approved by FDA; causing controversy in Wico. county

SALISBURY, Md. – 1000 times stronger than morphine and ten times stronger than Fentanyl, Dsuvia is the powerful new opioid hitting hospital shelves.

Dr. Michael Finegan. Ph.D. said, “The reason this medication has been approved by the FDA is for the military.”

Originally intended for use by soldiers in excruciating pain after combat-inflicted injury, the drug is an I-V alternative designated for use for up to 72 hours.

Finegan said, “There are situations of where an I-V medication for pain will be effective in alleviating that horrific pain. This drug was approved because it can be provided orally in a single dose administration underneath the tongue to bring that rapid elimination of pain when someone’s arm or leg has been blown off.”

But experts fear the new drug’s availability is making matters worse in terms of the opioid crisis crippling our area.

47 ABC spoke with Dr. Finegan. He’s a clinical psychologist for Peninsula Mental Health Services and he says the release of the new drug should come with tighter regulation.

He said, “It really only takes two providers in an entire community who have lost their way to do incredible damage. That has certainly occurred in Maryland and Wicomico County.”

While the drug will only be available in hospitals and surgery type settings, experts say it threatens our community when it falls into the wrong hands
and when those chasing after that high need their fix.

Finegan said, “The problem with opiate addiction is what we call chasing the monkey. One is looking for more and more intense high. The first time using an opiate is the best time you’ll ever have. Its all downhill from there.”

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