Police describe Pocomoke shooting as drug deal gone wrong

POCOMOKE, Md. –  Early Monday morning, a man was shot in a Walmart parking lot in Pocomoke, and police are still looking for the suspect.

Lieutenant Ed Schreier with the Worcester County Sheriff’s Office said, “He’s a white male hes approximately 6 foot and 250 pounds thereabouts. He has a street name named Wreck.”

Police say Wreck drove off in what appeared to be a black sedan after the shooting.

Lt. Schreier said, “We don’t have the actual make or model.”

Police told 47ABC they believe this shooting was targeted and related to drugs.

Lt. Schreier said, “It appeared that it was a drug deal that had gone bad and that the gentleman that did the shooting was getting some retribution and came back and shot the gentleman in the leg.”

Because this was a targeted shooting, police say people don’t need to worry about their safety.

Lt. Schreier said, “The Walmart is open there is no threat to the public…Again this appears to be an isolated incident. It was two people who knew each other and it was based on illegal activity.”

As for how common a crime like this is in the Pocomoke area, Lt. Schreier said, not very.

Lt. Schreier said, “We’ve had some incidents down in the Pocomoke area. They’ve been based on drug deals and what not, and we have had some violent crime in that area of the county that we have our finger on and we’re actively pursuing, but it’s not an everyday event, no.”

Police say detectives are already following up on some leads, so they’re hoping to make an arrest soon.

If you have any idea of where the suspect may be, you are asked to call the Worcester County Bureau of Investigation at 410-632-1111.

You can receive up to a $1,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of this suspect.

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