OC Mayoral race: Meehan and Hall go head to head for position

OCEAN CITY, Md. – In just a couple of days residents in ocean city will be hitting the polls to choose who they want to serve as the next mayor of the town. On the ballot is incumbent Mayor Rick Meehan and his opponent, former council member Joe Hall.

“They Mayor’s job has always been something in my dreams and my aspirations and this year I felt it was a good time to go for it,” said Hall.

For Hall, he says being mayor means making residents a priority and says he would do his best to make sure whatever decision he makes regarding the town has the residents best interest at heart. He adds if he is elected he would focus on infrastructure and environmental issues.

“Every time it rains here all the pollution, all the roadway things that are on the roads flow into our bay, we need to make sure that we best filter that as good as possible to protect the environment,” said Hall.

Another issue on Hall’s list to address is congestion. He says Mayor Meehan has spent the past couple of years making sure the town expanded, but it’s resulted in crowded highways and unnecessary construction.

“We’re going to have to deal with populations of people coming here in great numbers into the future, on the other hand there has to be responsibility and management of that,” said Hall.

But for Meehan, he believes the growth of Ocean City is exciting and shows that the town has a solid future. But he adds that it’s necessary to keep a healthy balance.

“I’m a believer of quality as opposed to quantity and what I think that you have seen in ocean city is you’ve seen so many of our properties be redeveloped and that has been a positive for ocean city,” said Meehan.

As for issues with the towns infrastructure and flooding, Meehan says he’s aware of the problems and will continue to do what he can to mitigate the problems as he moves forward.

“We do have a major project that we just initiated and approved the funding for to have all of our storm drains cleaned this year which will make a difference,” said Meehan.

And both Meehan and Hall say they’re the best candidate to see that the town of Ocean City thrives.

“I’m ready for the challenges, I Look forward to them and I look forward to continuing them as mayor,” said Meehan.

“My view will be what’s best for the citizens,” said Hall.

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